Hong Konger in London, working as a software developer at a tech company. Passionate about a lot of things. Strong believer of side projects and indie businesses. Check out what I am working on now 💡

💻 Work

Software Developer at Trainline, started working on their desktop website last year. Previously handling all their payments related backend services and APIs.

🚀 Side Projects

Fiddled with a lot of random ideas and projects related to my passions.

MVMT, a directory of the top movement related studios and centres in London. Project Curious Name that calculates if the alphabets of your name add up to a prime number. Inspired by the awards-winning theatrical play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, where they have a small price for audience members with a prime number name.

None has worked out well enough, but none has stopped me from keep on trying.

Recently started Circusbase and The Shows Must Go Online.

🏋 What else do I do?

I code and I travel. I go to theatre, a lot. I also dance, tumble and practise handbalancing.

Trying to bulk up, as well as keeping and/or improving my mobility so that I can continue doing these things.