Hong Konger in London, working as a software developer at a tech company. Passionate about a lot of things. Strong believer of side projects and indie businesses. Check out what I am working on now 💡

💻 Work

Previously worked as a proper corporate monkey - a Web Developer at Euromoney, one of Europe’s largest business and financial magazine publishers. Worked in the Hong Kong office, and then relocated to their London headquarters.

Now Software Developer at Trainline, coding all the payments related services and APIs.

🚀 Side Projects

Fiddled with a lot of random ideas and projects related to my passions.

MVMT, a directory of the top movement related studios and centres in London. Project Curious Name that calculates if the alphabets of your name add up to a prime number. Inspired by the awards-winning theatrical play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, where they have a small price for audience members with a prime number name.

None has worked out well enough to make me good money, but none has stopped me from keep on trying.

🏋 What else do I do?

I code and I travel. I go to theatre, a lot. I also dance, tumble and practise handbalancing.

Trying to bulk up, as well as keeping and/or improving my mobility so that I can continue doing these things.