What am I working on now?

A Circus Directory Site

A recent urge made me wanting do restart my old MVMT project, but got to learn from the failure from last time.

The project was about helping anyone who is like me in 2014, moving to a new city wanting to know where best to take classes and to train. But unforunately I was too greedy and the idea was too broad, I wanted to cover all the categories, including dance, circus, crossfit and gymnastics.

So this time around I want to focus on the circus sector, as that my main area right now, and create something that can help amateur people who are travelling to know where they can take classes.

Making this my 100 days challenge, but as I don’t have name for the site yet I am calling it #100daysofsidehustle :)

5x5 Update

5x5 has stopped working recently, I haven’t been able to put on much weight, as well as lifting any heavier. So I am trying to ditch it for a month or so trying to go back to my old push, pull and leg days and see how it goes.


Have since been going to classes at the London School of Hand Balance and feeling the result slowly but surely. Especailly when I managed 2 classes a week so I will try to keep it up. But whenever I go on holiday I felt like everything had to start over.

Last Updated: 21 September 2018