What am I working on now?

Where’s Sunny This Weekend?

Where’s Sunny This Weekend? is a side project I recently started. Being an expat in UK, we all want to ultilise our time traveling through Europe, especially when the weather is shitty in London. Based on a finite list of destination, it will tell you what cities are potentially sunny this coming weekend.

The idea of having a website that tells you which part of Europe or the world is sunny in the near future would allow us to spontanously go on a weekend trip exploring Europe without having to manually search through a list of destinations one by one on Weather.com or similar websites.

Shoulders Mobility and 5x5

Also working on loosening my stiff shoulders and improving the scapular mobility to see if that helps my handstand a little bit more, as well as starting 5x5 at the gym again earlier this year.

Last Updated: 11 June 2018